Streamline field services.

Capture, manage and process field data for strategic decision making.

Leveraging three decades of experience, but with eyes fixed on the future, we are an Australian software company based in Brisbane, Queensland.

The proud developers of the Konect software solution, we are redefining mobile data collection.

Our Legacy

Launched in 1991 as a geoscience data and mapping consultancy, Global GBM has evolved into a world-leading software developer, leveraging advances in spatial database technologies and personal computing.

We built our first mobile data collection application, GBM Mobile, in 2002, followed by GBM Portable and GBM Web. These products were sold and supported through an international reseller network

Our Focus

The arrival of smart devices and spatial technology fashioned a new product at Global GBM, Konect.

Konect represents 30 years of knowledge in the collection and management of spatially located data, and now seamlessly works with the very latest devices, embodies cloud technology and provides real time communications.

Konect is currently providing world-class solutions for major customers in local and state government, communications, asset management, environment and agriculture sectors. In fact, there are no limits to where Konect can add value.

We continue to develop and support Konect as it emerges as the premier product in the mobile data space.

Our Future

At Global GBM we truly believe in the enormous potential for international sales of Konect.

Statistics tell us that the world has hundreds of millions of smart device users. Many of them spend time on field activities. These are our future customers.

The Global GBM Board is moving to develop a world class Channel Management and Marketing team that will expand the re-seller network into new geographies and vertical markets.

We are also accelerating software development, to ensure that it remains at the leading edge of technology.

Our team.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Harvey Ryan


Harvey is a founding partner of the business with more than 35 years of business and field operations experience. He is an active Konect Consultant and implementation specialist.

John Ivett


John is a senior consultant with a long, and successful track record in implementing Global GBM products. John currently chairs the Technical Committee.

Ken Moule


Ken is a founding director and has over 25 years experience in field operations and applying IT systems related to field services data. He now manages Global GBM’s extensive network of project partners.

Michael Conlan

Solutions Architect & Technical Lead

Michael is a solutions architect with 20 years experience in web mapping. He has delivered solutions across multiple platforms, including the latest in cloud and mobile device architecture. Michael is currently the technical and development team lead for Konect.

Tom Dickenson

Manager for Infrastructure, Cyber-Security and Software Deployment

Tom has 20 years experience in the IT industry and is a certified AWS solutions architect and Australian Computer Society certified senior professional, specialising in cyber security. Tom is responsible for infrastructure solution design and implementation, DevOps, SysOps and ensuring the highest level of Cyber Security is maintained for all Global GBM systems and processes.

Glenn Watkins

Software Development Manager

Glenn has over 22 years experience in software development, both in Australia and internationally, working with clients across a diverse array of industries. He is the creative architect of Global GBM’s software UI and UX.

Having issues collecting and managing field data?

Still using paper solutions, or verbal communication?

Traditional methods of acquiring field data often resulted in inefficiencies, poor data quality and compromised work practices and safety.

With Konect as your phone or tablet software platform, field workers can operate with the highest degree of confidence, overcoming the issues that have previously impacted their role. There’s no programming required, and Konect is easily customised through the software user interface to meet particular customer requirements.

So, what does it mean for you?

  • Detailed work instructions, received in real time, with map based locations.

  • Instant information flow between workers in the field and in the office.

  • Consistent and validated data.

  • Real time, seamless integration with corporate systems.

  • Dramatically shortened response times.

  • Significant efficiencies achieved throughout the work cycle.

Our major customers in government, telecommunications, asset management, vegetation management, agriculture, and environment are paving the way.

Join them, and let Konect take your business into the future with confidence.

Legacy products

Global GBM’s Legacy products provide a history of leading edge software development, leveraging off rapidly emerging technologies.

Our legacy product customers are now fully catered for with Konect.

GBM Mobile

Around 2002 when mobile computing was in its infancy, we combined our field worker experience with ongoing feedback from our seed customers and GBM Mobile - for operation on PDA devices - was born.

GBM Mobile’s features were truly innovative, offering interactive maps, GPS integration, photo-capture, data synchronisation and GBM Custom Forms.

GBM Portable

GBM Portable was developed for mobile workers who were using laptops, tablets etc. They required more screen real estate than was available on PDA devices. GBM Portable included all the features of GBM Mobile while satisfied an even larger user base.


A logical application (extension) of GBM Mobile Forms technology, GBM Pro provided a significant enhancement to MapInfo Professional, a world-leading mapping system.


GBM Web represented the progression of our previous tools into the web browser world, developed as a key component of corporate wide GIS deployment.

Contact us.

Let Konect take your business into the future with confidence.


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